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Throughout the history of art and design, to a greater or lesser extent, all beings on this planet have sought our ideal of beauty in people, objects, landscapes, nature, compositions...

Beauty throughout human history has played a very important role. Since the Stone Age we were already making aesthetic decisions, looking for symmetry and harmony in objects. The culture of human beings is governed by beauty in all ancient cultures, through wild tribes and civilizations around the world, from East to West. But since the beginning and middle of the 20th century there has been a setback and it has been put aside to impose functionality in any area of human life, an international style has been created which has completely eliminated the true tradition and culture of each place, has abandoned what set apart us from each other and what makes us true.


My vital goal is to bring back the philosophy of arts and crafts to the present, back to crafts, to unique pieces, back to limited editions, back to nature, to pure materials that do not imitate others, to detail. , to the beauty of forms, to manufacturing in small local companies and the rejection of mass production.

My furniture is manufactured in small Valencian companies, handmade, each welding, each cut, each sanding, painting and upholstery is exclusively handmade. It is quality furniture, timeless, inspired by past lives. 

The objects I create have beauty in their function. They are small functional works of art which I want you to transmit feelings of harmony, power, fluidity, that you see yourself reflected and help you follow your passions in life. Furniture created at the rhythm of nature, without haste, with strong foundations and authentic concepts.

I love that romantic vision of things for life, in quality before quantity, in intelligent beauty before functionality, I firmly believe that if there is true love in what you have, whether it is on an emotional level, on a physical plane or on a spiritual plane it will be for life. When love ends, beauty ends, respect ends and there is a waste.



I want my objects to fall in love, I want it to be a true love relationship, for life, that's why they are designed with intelligent beauty and manufactured with the best qualities. And with the passage of time that furniture receives the soul it deserves seeing the lives of its owners, experimenting, achieving their dreams and their goals in life.

Falling in love with life and everything that this entails means trusting and letting go, that is exactly what I want to convey. My objects are shown naked, they are not afraid to express who they really are, when they look in the mirror they feel that rest that the mind feels when the eye, the intellect and the affections are satisfied with the absence of any need, they feel the balance within their soul and accept themselves because they know they are perfect just the way they are. They live in their own kingdom with their own intellect and their own ideal of beauty. How they appear is the way they perceive the world.



In addition, I want my designs to bring you closer to nature, I want it to be a continuous meditation that teleports you to a jungle of golden lianas with sinuous and perfect curves, to a jungle where you listen to the singing of the most exotic birds, which are covered with the most beautiful colorful plumage you can imagine. Where exotic flowers worthy of any Eden are born. May the sun's rays that illuminate the rivers full of pearl-colored fish and the most beautiful shells that lie at the bottom that shine with their own light make you connect with the masculine energy of action and power. May the nights be dark illuminated by a great dome of stars and a great full moon that connects you and protects you with the wildest and most mysterious feminine energies.



That is Culto Ponsoda, the return to nature, to the planetary cycles, to the connection with the energies that flow in harmony with all of us if we let ourselves go and open ourselves to experience what life has for us.

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