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Interior design projects


We are a multidisciplinary design studio focused on product design, interior design, and lighting design.


We conceive design from a holistic perspective. We design custom furniture supported by the best craftsmen from Valencia, create experiential spaces, and convey emotions through design and lighting.


Culto Ponsoda began as a furniture brand represented by the most important galleries in Europe and the United States, such as 1stDibs, Adorno Design, or Galerie Philia, in addition to having several publications in prestigious magazines such as ELLE DECOR or Manera Magazine.


After all these experiences, we have seen the need to create total experiences, and that is why we have decided to incorporate interior design into our services. We feel the need to create immersive spaces where we will pour all our knowledge and our inner world to develop a unique concept that reflects the essence and identity of our clients.

1. Unique concept development.

Initial meeting and project evaluation

We will meet with you to thoroughly understand your needs, preferences, budget, and timelines. During this stage, we will conduct an assessment of the existing space, taking measurements and photographs. We will identify possible challenges or limitations that may arise, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the project from the outset.


Research and analysis

Our team will dedicate themselves to conducting thorough research on various styles that may suit your spaces, as well as understanding your specific needs and any applicable regulatory requirements. Additionally, we will meticulously analyze the architectural structure of the space, the quality of natural and artificial lighting, circulation and ventilation, as well as the functional needs of the users. This phase allows us to establish a solid foundation for concept development.


Concept development

Based on the gathered information, we will begin to create a unique and distinctive concept that reflects your personality or your business's identity. Using tools such as sketches, mood boards, and visual representations, we will communicate our ideas clearly. Your feedback will be crucial at this stage, as we aim to ensure that the developed concept resonates with you before proceeding to the detailed design phase.

2. Design development.

Detailed design

In this phase, we delve into the creation of detailed plans that include furniture layout, strategic lighting design, material and finish specifications, as well as essential construction details. We carefully select decorative elements, furniture, textiles, and accessories, always considering style, functionality, and, of course, your budget.



We develop a detailed budget that covers all aspects of the project, including estimated costs of materials, labor, and other associated expenses. We are committed to staying within the agreed budget without compromising the quality or vision of the design.

3. Comprehensive project management.

Material procurement

We take care of sourcing materials and furniture, ensuring they meet the design specifications and stay within the agreed budget, without compromising quality.


Implementation and project management

We coordinate all necessary tasks to carry out the design, including hiring contractors, electricians, plumbers, among others. We closely supervise the progress of the project to ensure that quality standards are met and resolve any issues that may arise during the process.


Installation and finishing

Once the construction is completed, we proceed with the installation of furniture, decoration, and final design elements. We perform finishing touches, such as placing decorative accessories and adjusting lighting, to ensure the space is ready for use and meets your expectations.


Delivery and follow-up

We deliver the completed project and conduct a thorough review to ensure your satisfaction. We provide recommendations and advice for the long-term maintenance of the design, and we are available to make adjustments or modifications as needed.

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