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In the hypothetical case that the 27 lunar mansions that preside over the cosmos in Vedic astrology were literal mansions floating in the universe, how would the extraterrestrials living in them look like their beauty?  From this question arises the Bharani collection, a collection of mirrors in continuous evolution. 


Bharani is the constellation of creation, it has the most feminine energy of  all the lunar mansions, it is represented by the Yoni, organ of pleasure and creation, it speaks of incubating ideas and life, of nourishing the soul, to enjoy every moment and to create our life here as artists with a conscience and at the same time accepting the innumerable little deaths in our life, of times, seasons, relationships… just like births, the many beginnings that occur continuously, it is like an eternal dance where we are all like threads in a huge tapestry of time.


This collection talks about seeing the present observing the past and being clear about the future we want through the reflection of time, seeing how we evolve and change, seeing how parts of us are born or reborn when we let others die that no longer serve us.

mirror 3.jpg
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