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In my opinion, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries,  at a time when Art Nouveau and later Art Deco were booming, we reached a point where beauty and function they reached a balance between both forces, we had beautiful as well as functional objects, objects that used both elements directly from nature and made by artisans in their small workshops. These objects had their function, they had a specific aesthetic, each and every one of their parts was decorated without losing the functionality that the object required.

My aesthetic interest lies in our past lives, this first collection inspired by the vedettes and parties of the early twentieth century, the feathers that women wore in their headdresses, the velvet they wore in their clothes and the gold of the jewels that adorned their bodies. It seemed very appropriate to apply it to some office furniture, to break with the concept of a boring and soulless office. The Boa collection invites you to follow your soul language, what moves you in life, what is real and what is important.

Furthermore, these decisions are not purely aesthetic, my products are endowed with a strong symbology, based on the reading of symbols throughout history.

The Boa lamp symbolizes the beginnings, it is the one that carries the singing voice of my entire brand, the beginning of the beginnings, it is the first card of the tarot, the card of the fool. The feathers of the Boa lamp have two meanings, one would be superficiality because coquettish and banal people wore them in their hats, and the other would the crazy  people because the feathers were worn by court jesters. This symbolizes that the Boa lamp is crowned with both success and that she is not worried about the serious things in life. He trusts in what the future holds and is not afraid of anything in life. That is why it is the first object of the entire brand, it is the one that leads the direction of everything that goes after it.

The purple color is a mix between red, which is the symbol of our passions, with blue, which is the symbol of the unconscious, dreams and emotions. Purple goes beyond our unconscious, it mixes with the passions that are the language of our soul and what it does is symbolize the color of pure divinity. The unconscious plus our passions is the manifestation of our divinity on earth. Gold symbolizes things illuminated by the sun, things that happen in the real world of reason, in view of others and what is palpable.

In conclusion, this mix between our passions, our unconscious and our conscious comes together so that all our dreams come true on this plane and we never forget what we want to achieve until we have it in our hands, to make our dreams come true, do what we are passionate about and bring our divine being to the earthly plane where we exist.

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